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Sound bar looks domesticated, still needs taming

The SB405 a compact bona-fide five-channel system with a wireless subwoofer and actual surround speakers -- and excellent features for it price.

Adobe updates Lightroom with support for Android tablets and some catch-up features

Face recognition and quick-and-dirty panorama and HDR merges finally come to the company's photo-retouching software.

Philips' newest LED: a five-buck bulb

Philips' newest 60W equivalent costs just five bucks -- and at launch, you can grab two for the price of one.

One smooth, feature-packed wireless mouse

Logitech's flagship wireless mouse is finely crafted, offers precise, smooth operation and is packed with extra features.


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Facing manslaughter charge, Tulsa reserve deputy heading to Bahamas

Eric Harris' family says Robert Bates "will be relaxing and enjoying his wealth and privilege"...

A Nazi war crimes trial like no other

Oskar Groening, 93, never killed anyone, but he doesn't deny his role at Auschwitz and 7 decades...

Saudis say air campaign against Yemen rebels is over

Declaration of end to bombardment comes on heels of Saudi king mobilizing his elite troops for...

Behind the "60 Minutes" decision to show disturbing video

Why Scott Pelley's story shows some of the most graphic footage in the broadcast's history;...